Your Pet Is A Family Member

Creating high quality, affordable dog toys and chew toys for dogs and cats. Their well-being and healthy play is our priority.

Since 2015, Steel Dog’s mantra has been to provide a diversity of high-quality products for healthy play and endless fun. Our family of dogs and cats take their job of “playtime” very seriously. They want toys that keep their attention but can also keep up with their crazy shenanigans.

They enjoy our wide variety of toys, from Barnyard Buddies to Ropers to Ballistic Ballers and Slow-Treater toys with Treats. Ask any of our Goldens, Labs, Frenchies, or Persians what they like best about playing with our toys and the consensus is that they all love them.

We travel across oceans and continents to keep our furry friends happy.

Steel Dog is a global brand with customers across North America, the U.K., and Australia, with plans to grow domestically and globally.  We are committed to expanding our reach as we build strong partnerships along the way – and we invite you to journey with us. Please select from our range of puzzle dog toys, kitten toys, dog enrichment toys, dog stuffed toys, dog rope toys, best kitten toys, and puppy playtime toys for your cats and dogs to enjoy!

John & Ben

A Friendship To Partnership.

John and Ben quickly became friends upon meeting-neither one took themselves too seriously and enjoyed sarcastic banter. As their friendship grew, so did their respect for each other as successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. They soon realized that their competencies in business were complimentary – John’s background in sales, operations, and marketing and Ben’s background in finance and operations. Combine their love of dogs with their dedication to building strong businesses and relationships, and you get one great partnership!

Meet The Team


Ben Nelsen


He played hockey at Notre Dame and continues to “chase his dream”, playing in old man hockey leagues.

john owner

John Sturgess


He loves lake boating in the summer and keeping his snowmobile on the tracks in the winter.



National Sales Manager

He is an avid golfer, and he loves to give golf lessons to golf fans.

josh s.


 Operations Manager

Enjoys taking care of his reptile and frogs and loves anything to do with spreadsheets.

Warehouse Team


Warehouse Manager


Warehouse Associate


Warehouse Associate