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Creepy Ballers features:


  • Heavy-Duty & Well-Made—your dog will be entertained for hours!
  • Extra Toy—inside every toy is another toy to play with!
  • Quiet—no squeaker to means no noise!
  • Chew-O-Meter Rating—each toy is rated on a gentle to tough scale so you know how long it will last for your dog!


Product Description:


Don’t let the teeth fool you. This soft plush toy isn’t that creepy at all. With a tennis ball body for durability and all over extra crinkle, your dog will be playing with this cute little guy at all hours of the day! Each plush includes a Chew-O-Meter rating, ranging from gentle to tough, so you know just how well it will stand up to your dog. Even if they do tear through the seams, another awaits to keep the fun going!





Bat with Tennis Ball

SKU: 54339